14 Waterfront Home Design Tips to Elevate Your Living

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Residential Land

Have you been dreaming of your own waterfront home?

Waterfront living brings simple joys, from watching the sunset over the water to listening to the waves as you drift to sleep. With waterfront living proven to lower stress levels and boost mood, it’s no wonder the Mornington Peninsula lifestyle is so appealing for Victorians designing their dream home.

To maximise your waterfront lifestyle, each space in your home should be meticulously designed and planned out. But during the modern contemporary design process, there is a risk of designing a home that doesn’t take advantage of your location.

If you’re ready to wake up in your dream home, here are 14 waterfront house design tips to elevate your living.

Living space with waterfront accesses

Orientation is the most crucial feature to get right when designing your waterfront home. This will allow the most rooms possible to take advantage of your shoreline space. For this reason, your waterfront should be accessible to your most used rooms and spaces – known as the ‘front row’.

Designing for ‘front row’ access will allow you to move freely from your living room down to the water’s edge. Designing your living areas with spacious, open views and wide decking is a quick and easy way to enjoy the view from multiple angles.

Alfresco space with waterfront access

Another area of your home’s ‘front row’ areas, alfresco areas should be designed to provide a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether basking in the summer sun or heading to the water’s edge, clear access between your outdoor living spaces and your shoreline creates a space for you to relax, unwind and enjoy your luxurious surroundings.

Consider adding an outdoor fireplace or heaters to extend your alfresco space’s use into the cooler months.

Upper floor deck with a view

Your morning alarm sounds. You step onto the balcony with a coffee in hand. And all you can see is the road…

It may be a small design consideration, but it’s crucial your upper floor deck faces the water. This design choice gives you the freedom to enjoy sweeping views night and day, and creates the perfect space for outdoor entertaining, cooking, or relaxing. Where possible, increasing the size of your upper floor decking can allow for more modern touches like outdoor BBQs or outdoor furniture.

Your own pool and spa

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a spa, a glass of champagne in hand, and watching the sun sink over your shoreline. Being surrounded by water doesn’t mean limiting yourself to the view. Adding a pool or spa provides a modern and playful twist on the lifestyle the Mornington Peninsula is famous for. Perfect for kids, as well as adults, pools and spas, blend your water-friendly lifestyle in a luxurious way.

Alfresco entertaining area

Imagine sitting down for a meal with the cool breeze skimming off the water, or hearing the soft sounds of the waves as the soundtrack to your weekly games night. An alfresco entertaining area helps create a seamless flow from outdoors to indoors while you host BBQs, or enjoy a home cooked meal outside.

By adding glass features to your alfresco space you’ll encourage natural light, while awnings and shutters control shade and privacy. Keep in mind, your outdoor area will be subject to the elements, so UV-resistant or collapsible furniture can add resilience to your charming outdoor space.

Poolside toilet and shower facilities

Poolside toilet and shower facilities make it easy to rinse off after a dip without heading inside. This takes the pressure off your internal bathrooms to handle all the dirt, sand and salt water that needs cleaning; while reducing the risk of water damage in your home.

The true beauty of an outdoor shower is the ability to transform your alfresco space into a social hub. If you’ve got a corner of unused space in your garden, outdoor shower and toilet facilities create a resort-style feel that makes entertaining and socialising a breeze.

Designated pool equipment location

Your pool equipment is crucial to keeping your pool clean and free of health risks. Taking up roughly 4 square feet, your equipment (think pump, filter, and sanitation system) is best placed out of view but close to your home to reduce the need for excess wiring. For a creative design tweak, consider screening your pool equipment with shrubs, plants or lattice to create a natural barrier.

Discreet clothesline

Selecting a spot for your clothesline may seem a small task, but it has significant aesthetic and practical flow-on effects. Ease of access is crucial, but avoid placing your clothesline in a central location that will obstruct your waterfront views and harm the visual flow of your outdoor space.

Services hidden from view

Each room in your home should be meticulously placed to maximise your property’s position. This means connecting your home’s ‘front row’ rooms to the shoreline, and moving services behind priority spaces. A waterfront-friendly floor plan will move utilities, stairs, storage areas and bathrooms away from shoreline views. This orients your home in a way that makes it easy to enjoy a book in your alfresco area, or a meal with friends, with the water as your backdrop.

Storage facilities for water sports

Adding storage options for your pool toys and watersport equipment isn’t just about keeping your living space free of clutter. Mornington Peninsula waterfront living can bring moisture in the air, harsh sunlight, and strong winds. These can have a damaging effect on your pool tools and shorten the lifespan of everything from pool noodles to surfboards. Adding a simple shed or creative storage nook under outdoor seating keeps the toys protected until it’s time to swim, and your equipment safe so you can enjoy a dip any time you like.

Unobstructed pool fence views

Victorian pool fencing legislation means you’ll need a secure boundary at least 1.2 metres high around your pool – but that doesn’t mean sacrificing your million dollar views.

Opting for frameless glass fences and balustrade design provides the safety you need, without losing your million dollar views. Offering a clear line of sight to the water, you’ll enjoy an uninterrupted view of anyone in the pool, as well as your waterfront vista. A sleek, sophisticated, and stylish waterfront home design tip.

Master suite with water views

There’s nothing like waking up to a sweeping water view each morning. Incorporating high ceilings and large floor-to-ceiling windows can help bring in more natural light and make you feel as though the nature outside your home is a part of your bedroom. Designing corner windows will also open up your master suite with immersive viewing angles that relax and inspire.

Water and electrical outlets at water’s edge

If you plan on adding a dock or jetty you’ll need to design sufficient power features to fuel your watersports and boating needs. Marine-grade aluminum can provide a durable and reliable material to stand up to the Mornington Peninsula’s weather patterns, with modern domestic marina equipment offering electrical and tap connectivity.

So, whether you’re washing down your toys after a day on the water, or adding bollard LED lighting for safety, you’ll have a space that looks great and functions efficiently.

Protection from the sun and wind

Waterfront living means time spent outdoors. Unfortunately, this puts you at the mercy of the elements with frigid Mornington Peninsula winds and sweltering summer heat. Proactive waterfront house design means adding screens to keep out the wind and block harmful UV rays. There are many ways to stay safe outdoors without compromising your lifestyles, such as retractable awnings, covered alfresco areas, or natural privacy screens made of vines and plants.

Your Waterfront House Design Journey Starts Here

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Mornington Peninsula it’s crucial you take advantage of your million dollar views.

Waterfront living offers unbeatable views, exceptional lifestyle benefits, and a ‘WOW’ factor that’s impossible to ignore. By implementing our 14 waterfront home design tips you’ll be waking up in a home that’s the envy of your neighbours, and breathtaking views for you to enjoy all year round.




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