24 Ultimate Kitchen Design Ideas: Everything You Need for Your Dream Home Kitchen

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Residential Land

The kitchen is the heart of your home.

With the average Australian spending an hour in the kitchen each day, the kitchen design choices you make have the potential to make your life relaxing and enjoyable…or frustratingly uncomfortable.

Before you settle on a builder and transform your Mornington Peninsula home dream into reality, you’ll need to settle on your kitchen design. At Lewis Building Design we’ve rounded up 24 ultimate kitchen design ideas to create functional, beautiful and highly liveable spaces.

Whether you want a touch of luxury, the latest technological innovations, or time-saving appliances that free up your time – we’ve got a kitchen design for you.

Read on to unlock your dream kitchen’s beauty and function.

Double Ovens

Cooking can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re entertaining. Double ovens are designed to make food preparation simpler, slashing your cook time and unlocking multi-course meals. Each oven operates independently of the other providing plenty of space to put together meals, reheat meals, or get food on the table in a hurry before you head to the beach.

Integrated Coffee Machine

If you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee you need to opt for a built-in machine that serves the bew you need when you need it. Modern domestic coffee machines come equipped with the same accessories like your favourite cafe set-up, so you’ll be able to filter water, steam milk and grind your favourite beans without leaving home.

A gourmet brew any time you want one, all in the convenience of your own ultimate kitchen.

Integrated Microwave

Your kitchen is only as efficient as your counter space. Unfortunately, microwaves are a common space thief across Mornington Peninsula homes. You can avoid this problem and add a touch of class to your kitchen with an integrated microwave that promotes a functional and organised design. Reducing your microwave’s spatial footprint is as simple as setting the unit into the cabinetry to unlock convenience and add a splash of style.

Integrated Fridge

Your luxury Mornington Peninsula home is an extension of you. This leads many homeowners to embrace open plan living and create a seamless experience from room to room. An integrated fridge allows you to combine living and dining areas in one stylish sweep. A guaranteed space-saver, a built-in fridge is a sleek and minimalist way to explore the potential of your home without sacrificing functionality.

Integrated Dishwasher

Integrated dishwashers provide the same sleek style points as integrated fridges and microwaves. By setting your dishwasher in your existing cabinetry your kitchen is no longer littered with eye-sore appliances but flush with even finishes and modern touches.

Standalone Wine Fridge

If you’ve got a favourite wine from the YarraValley you’ll need a standalone wine fridge to store and protect your collection. Fridge storage should never hold you back from collecting your favourite varietals and with a freestanding wine fridge, you’ll have space for everything from a local white to the celebratory bottle of bubbles you’re saving for a rainy day.

This must-have feature also protects against accidental breakage and can ensure your wine is chilled at the exact temperature needed to promote flavour and longevity.

Steam Oven

Steam ovens are just what they sound like – ovens that use steam instead of hot air to cook food. Using water injected into the boiler via a pump, your oven converts water into steam and your food cooks without losing any moisture. Steam ovens can also reheat your leftovers faster than microwave so you get twice the benefits with one technologically advanced appliance.

Warming Drawer

Dinner parties become a breeze with a warming drawer as food is preheated and left at serving temperature while you show off your stunning Mornington Peninsula kitchen. More than a luxurious addition to your social life, a warming drawer keeps dinner hot and ready when that special someone is running late.

This stylish kitchen addition also creates space as food that would have occupied the oven or stove now has a temperature-controlled home.

Double Sinks

Time is the most precious asset you have. Adding a second sink to your home kitchen creates a workflow that eliminates many tedious cleaning and clearing tasks, and turns meal preparation and cleanup into a breeze.

Need a second pair of hands in the kitchen? Two sinks allow for two chefs to create magic simultaneously. Need to find a couple of (begrudging) volunteers to clean up? Multiple sinks allow for quick clean up or designated spaces to promote hygiene.

Two is better than one, and sinks are no exception.

Crockery Cupboards Near Your Dishwasher

Everything in your ultimate home kitchen should have a purpose. This means designing your crockery cupboards to live in the sweet spot near your dishwasher to ensure maximum efficiency. Your ultimate home kitchen should be a pleasure to be in, and putting wonderfully clean plates and glasses into storage without having to take more than one step is the sign of a well-thought out and well-designed kitchen.

Connect Your Meal Space With Living Space

Open plan living is a defining feature of luxury Mornington Peninsula homes. Eliminating traditional ‘room roles’, you can connect your ultimate kitchen seamlessly with your living space by adding integrated appliances and creating a visual flow from one room to the next. This could include adding moveable walls, multi-functional furnishings, or uniform colour choices.

Sufficient Kitchen Island Lighting

It’s easy to ignore your kitchen lighting if you spend the bulk of your time in your living area or outside your home. But whether you’re enjoying a glass of red wine after a long day, or preparing a meal for your friends and family, your kitchen island needs to be well-lit without being jarring.

Combining practical and social considerations, you can create a functional designer look by opting for an above-light that’s welcoming, illuminating, and brings out the best in your surrounding decor.

Self Closing Drawers

Enjoying your free time means eliminating small, repetitive tasks. Self-closing drawers gently close once you’re done, reducing injury hazards and ensuring your home always looks clean and organised. Say goodbye to slamming sounds with this simple touch of luxury.

Walk-in Butlers pantry

A butler’s pantry is a super-sized version of a walk-in pantry. Most pantries are glorified closets, while your butler’s pantry provides extra cabinets and countertops, providing a space-saving mix of storage and food preparation. A walk-in butler’s pantry is a game-changer for busy homes and can help keep your primary kitchen space clean and clutter-free.

Zip Tap

No kitchen is complete without a modern and luxurious Zip Hydrotap. These state-of-the-art appliances bring restaurant-level quality to every meal with your choice of still, boiling, or sparkling water on command. More than indulgence, a Zip Hydrotap includes a MicroPurity filtration system to remove sediment and deliver crystal clear water with a ‘WOW’ factor.

Bench Space

Your bench space needs to strike a balance between size and function. Too small and you’ll run into daily food preparation problems. Too big and your kitchen space will lose its functionality. The right bench size for you will intersect workflow and traffic flow. If you have enough space to prepare your family’s meals, while kids and pets can move freely around you, you’ll have a space that’s welcoming for years.

Natural Light & Ventilation

Ventilation and natural light play important roles in your kitchen, from removing moisture and odours to encouraging health-boosting natural light. Natural light can be achieved in a range of stylish ways including window walls, white frames, and bay windows. While ventilation through a sleek range hood can re-circulate the air in your kitchen and protect you from that hot, muggy feeling when you’re preparing food.

Ergonomic Bench Heights

Good ergonomics create a comfortable and inviting living space while bad ergonomics are a luxury home design sin that guarantees you’re frustrated every time you step into the kitchen.

The simplest way to create an ergonomic kitchen space is to focus on your bench heights. The standard bench height of 900mm has evolved, with 920-950mm preferred across luxury kitchens. This figure should be adjusted to suit your standing height to avoid unnecessary back pain.

Stone or Marble Benchtop

Your kitchen is more than a place to prepare food, it’s the social hub of your home. Stone or marble benchtops are eye-catching finishes that suit any home decor with a timeless look. Both stone and marble are also heat resistant and highly durable, which means less maintenance and repair costs over the years.

Two Pack Cabinetry

Your kitchen is going to endure some wear and tear (particularly if you’ve got little ones and pets running around). Two-pack kitchen cupboards provide a proven layer of protection using an advanced two-layered painting process. Thanks to a hardened resin shell protecting stylish acrylic and melamine paint, your cabinets will look stunning and be resistant to chips and cracks.

With a wide range of colours and finishes available and no unsightly glue, two-pack cabinetry is a hallmark of a modern kitchen.

Quality Tapware

Your kitchen taps maybe some of your smallest design choices, but they’re one of the most crucial. Quality tapware comes in a range of materials (stainless steel, brass, copper and so on) as well as a range of styles, including:

– single-lever mixer
– deck mounted
– Pillar

Opting for low-quality tapware can shorten the lifespan of your fixtures, as well as pose safety risks to you and your family. When you choose quality, you’ll be turning heads and promoting your own health and wellbeing too.

Induction Hotplates

Induction heating is the fast and technologically-advanced cooking method all truly luxurious kitchens incorporate. Thanks to the rapid heating power of the electromagnetic cycle, induction hotplates can shave up to 50% off the average cook time of your family’s favourite meals. Imagine what you could do with extra hours in your day?

Easy to clean and offering a significantly reduced risk of injury to curious hands, an induction hotplate is more than a stylish accessory to your lifestyle, it’s the future.

Plenty of Storage

Efficient kitchen storage is about using your existing space creatively, not creating more of it. For example, thin sliding cabinet drawers to minimise wasted space, under the sink utility drawers, or storage space inset in your kitchen island. Filling visible shelves with bulky appliances will create a sense of chaos, but by designing ample storage you’ll have a clean and clear kitchen every day.

Servery Windows

If you’re like most Mornington Peninsula homeowners you love entertaining outdoors. This can create a headache when serving food outside, particularly if there’s no intuitive flow from your kitchen to your outdoor dining area. Servery windows allow you to serve food directly from the kitchen to your outdoor guests while allowing a cooling flow of air and natural light into your home.

It’s never been easier to turn your outdoor area into an alfresco bar…until now.
The Secrets of Ultimate Kitchen Design

Your ultimate kitchen is one that’s practical, eye-catching and designed to improve your lifestyle.

From the versatility of integrated appliances to the time-saving benefits of double sinks and ovens, the ultimate kitchen is one that works with you to make meal prep and family time simple and engaging.

By using our 24 ultimate kitchen design tips the heart of your Mornington Peninsula home will be beautiful, functional and timeless.




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